Defining an Asian Eye

Quick Tips: Defining an Asian Eye
Easy Steps for Getting a Beautifully Defined Asian Eye

Women with Asian eyes sometimes tend to not know how to define them correctly. The main focus should be working on trying to "open" the eye and draw attention to their beauty. This can easily be done with a few products and a couple short steps.


Women with Asian eyes tend to have one major problem when it comes to wearing any eyeshadow; creasing. Whether it be the middle of the day or only moments later, if not properly primed an Asian eye will end up with eyeliner and/or eyeshadow crease lines. But there is a very easy way to help prevent this. By using a good eyeshadow base or eye primer, such as Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, it will help to keep eyeshadow and eyeliner where they belong.

To use a primer, simply apply from lash line to brow bone and allow to dry. Keep in mind that normally a little bit goes a long way, so don't end up applying too much or multiple layers. Once the primer dries (normally within seconds), move on to eyeshadow.


Even though playing with color can be fun, normally vivid color on an Asian eye can scream catwalk. So instead, eyeshadow colors should be pale sheer shades or a slightly cool gray tone. A general rule to follow would be to apply a favorite shadow from the lashes to half way up the lid area. A highlighter shade can also be applied on the brow bone or even directly in the center of the eye, where the pupil sits. Next will come eyeliner.

Applying a good eyeliner correctly will not only draw attention to a beautiful Asian eyes, but it will open them up as well. Using black liquid eyeliner on the top lid always looks striking, yet beautiful. To apply it correctly, simply use the lash line as a guide by resting the applicator on the lashes and gently dragging across the line of the lashes. Extend the end of the line slightly past the outside corner of the eye. Once the eyeliner dries, go back with thin eyeshadow brush dipped in black shadow to fill in gaps, if needed.

Eyeliner doesn't need to be applied to the bottom lid, but if it is preferred then using the same eyeshadow brush dipped in dark eyeshadow should be used. If eyeliner is applied to the bottom lid, make sure to smudge slightly so the line is not prominent and won't "close" the eye. Once eyeliner is completed, a finishing touch of mascara should be applied.


Normally Asian eyelashes should be curled before they are coated with mascara, especially if the tend to point downward. Once the eyelashes are curled, they can be coated with a good mascara, such as Diorshow Mascara. Begin with the top lashes and wiggle the mascara wand through the lashes from root to tip. Apply at least two coats on the top lashes, allowing to dry in between applications. Also allow the top lashes to dry completely before beginning the bottom lashes or they will end up smudging onto eye lid area. As for the bottom lashes, they can be sparse so lightly coat them with only one quick application. As a final step, go back with a Q-tip and clean up any smudges created by the mascara.

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