Makeup Foundation Secrets

Do you know how plain film stars look without makeup? Have you ever seen a celeb who is caught on camera without her face-paint? That's the power of makeup: it can turn an ugly duckling into an angel from heaven; a celestial beauty. But makeup has to be applied correctly or it will not make you look more beautiful.

The trick is to correctly apply the foundation. So, wash your face to cleanse it of creams, gunk and other lotions you might have applied the night before. Pat it dry with a towel and before the water evaporates completely, quickly apply moisturiser all over your face. This will make your skin look dewy and young after the foundation has been applied.

The next step is the foundation and the trick is to apply it evenly. So, begin by dabbing dots of it around your face. An easy way to do this is to place four dots at the 12, 6, 3 and 9 o'clock positions, or north, south, east and west positions. Then, place one more dot of foundation between each of these four dots. Remember, to put one on the tip of your nose.

Then, blend the foundation evenly all over your face with a piece of damp cotton or your fingertips. Be careful around the hair roots, jawline and the base of your neck. If you miss these areas then the foundation will look cakey. The strokes you use should be in a downward direction, in the same direction as the fine hair on your face.

Remember, foundation should be applied very lightly and very scantily under the eyes and on the eyelids. This area has skin that is a shade or two darker than the rest of the face. If possible, avoid using foundation on these areas.

The shade of your foundation should be the same shade as your skin or a shade darker. Girls will attempt to look fairer by buying foundation a shade lighter than their own skin colour. This only makes them look as if they have applied heavy makeup. The trick is to look beautiful naturally, to look as if you have not applied any makeup at all.

So, if you are going to go a place with lots of natural light or sunlight, then use very little foundation. The reverse should be done at night since lighting is weaker, therefore, you can use a heavier foundation.

Also, foundation looks different in white light and in yellow light so check how your face looks in these types of lighting. Practice makes perfect, so feel free to test your foundation at home before you wear it to a party.

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