Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Skin Care

Cleopatra and Nefertiti were known for their beauty and glamour. Ancient Egypt was a time when women used soaps, creams, makeup, luxurious perfumes and oils. So we decided to bring you some really interesting beauty secrets from this glorious time. In this article, we look at skin care treatments and in two other articles, we will reveal their hair care ...routines and makeup secrets.


Here is how women of ancient Egypt used to maintain their radiant smooth skin:

Almond Oil: They used almond oil for its benefits and fragrance, it helped with skin aging and dryness.

Fenugreek seeds or Hilbeh: Egyptians used it to make skin softer, and they often used it in facial masks.

They also believed that tea made from these seeds could stimulate breast growth and increase the mother's milk.

Soaps: Soaps were made of animal oil, vegetable oil and salt.

Milk: Queens used to bathe in milk, as its rich lactic acid exfoliated and rejuvenated their skin.

Aloe Vera: They mainly used it to heal wounds and burns. Cleopatra believed in the powers of the Dead Sea. It is said that she traveled from Egypt to the Dead Sea to build a spa! The Dead Sea water contains rich minerals, which help cure skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. It also contains clay and other minerals, which get absorbed into the skin directly, nourishing and rejuvenating it.

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