Not too much dry powder

Dry powder gives you a better tan, makes your other cosmetics more durable and reduces the annoying shining skin effect. If you use too much though, your skin will look dryer, your wrinkles more will be noticeable. People with very dry skin will have to limit their use of powder to the T-area (forehead, nose and beard) and under the eyes. A brush is used to apply the powder; the shade should be close to the corrector color.

Limited plucking!

The eyebrows, besides looking good on us, prevent water, rain or other liquids to reach our eyes. Thin and plucked eyebrows are not a symbol for natural beauty for quite some time – in the last few years natural and noticeable eyebrows have become more popular. A pencil and tweezers can give you the opportunity to experiment, but in most cases, better leave your eyebrows to the professional’s best make up 2012.

Do not emphasize your wrinkles!

A shining shade on your eyelid will emphasize your wrinkles Рswitch your shiny materials or colors for matt, neutral cosmetics in brighter tones or cr̬me shades brands, which can be applied to the eyelid with your fingertips for best makeup 2012

Dark lipstick for the chosen ones!

A dark red lipstick color best makeup 2012 can only shine on a few lucky ones, which have full and big lips. Others substitute the lipstick with colorful glosses, which will give your lips a ‘wet’ look, and will therefore make your lips appear bigger and fuller.

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