Complete Collection - Al Karam Summer Lawn Collection 2011

Al Karam Lawn Prints 2011, Complete Collection of Al Karam Summer Lawn Collection 2011, Al Karam Lawn Prints 2011

Al Karam Summer Lawn Collection 2011 is quintessentially perfect-for-summer-collection with its soft pastel cool shades to keep you calm and cool in the body-scathing heat of sun.

Al-Karam Lawn Complete Collections:

1- Al-Karam Lawn Avant Grade
2- Al-Karam Lawn Block Print
3- Al-Karam Lawn Classic Collection
4- Al-Karam Lawn Festival Collection
5- Al-Karam Lawn Gates of Heaven
6- Al-Karam Lawn Mid Summer Day Dream
7- Al-Karam Lawn Rangoli Collection
8- Al-Karam Lawn Silk Line
9- Al-Karam Lawn Splendour Shades

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Al Karam Summer Lawn Collection 2011 features traditional lawn prints in mesmerizing summer colors, from cool grayish shades to exotic feminine colors to make experience a refreshing and natural fashion experience in the summer 2011.

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