Face Tools : Sponge? Puff? or Brush?

Which applicators are right for your makeup routine? It’s time to find out!


Sponges are perfect for liquid or cream-based formulas. They provide the fullest and most precise application. Dip a sponge into your liquid makeup and smooth a thick layer all over your face. Add extra coverage in areas with uneven tone.



Puffs work great for powdering on the go. They fit into most compacts and provide buildable yet even coverage. Lightly dab the puff over shiny or uneven areas. A few thin layers provide better coverage than one thicker one.


There’s a brush for every application, from eyeshadow to blush. Brushes are great for precise application of powder formulas. Just like puffs, a few thin layers applied with a brush are better than one thicker one.

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